Curriculum Vitae

/Curriculum Vitae

  • Panagiotis Kyriakongonas
/ Neurosurgeon

Panagiotis I. Kyriakongonas was born in Athens in 1973. After graduating from the Lycee Leonin Patissia, he entered the Military School of Corps Officers and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki  in 1992.

After taking his degree of Medicine and Specialisation in Neurosurgery, he practiced Neurosurgery  in GSNA 401 and 417 NIMTS where he remains until now. He graduated first from S.E.Y. He has been accepted by the University Hospital of Lausanne – Spinal Department (CENTRE HOSPITALIER UNIVERSITAIRE VAUDOIS, DEPARTEMENT DE L’APPAREIL LOCOMOTEUR), and the Oxford University Hospitals – Spinal Unit.

He has special interest  in the pathology and surgery of the spine, and he uses the most modern methods both in diagnosis and  the therapeutic approach of patients. He has published papers and has been speaker in Greek, international and global conferences.

He keeps  his practice in Kolonaki , Karneadou 37 street, near the Hospital “Evangelismos”.

He is married and has three children.