Patient 4 – Re-Operation

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The patient, 78 years male, presented with back pain, as well as pain in both lower extremities, (L) > (R). He was mobilizing with difficulty, bending over and rotating of his torso. He had also had significant weakness of his left leg.

Pre-op MRI
Pre-op x-ray (face)
Pre-op x-ray (profil)

From the history he reported two previous surgeries at the lumbar spine.

The patient underwent complete decompression of the neural elements, reduction of the scoliosis and fusion using a combination of rigid (360o) and semi-rigid instrumentation.

Post-op x-ray (face)
Post-op x-ray (profil)

The patient was mobilized 36 hours after the surgery with significant improvement. His standing and walking gradually returned back to the normal.

8 months (face)
8 months (profil)