Patient 5 – Spinal Tumor

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The patient, a 67 year old male, was referred from another medical institution to our hospital, complaining of low back pain and paraparesis. The neuroimaging investigation revealed a spinal tumor with associated fracture of the vertebrae as well as extensive neural compression. (Pictures 1,2).

Picture 1. Pathological fractures
Picture 2. Tumor (arrow) causing neural compression

He underwent a successful microsurgical complete decompression of the neural elements (picture 3), kyphoplasty of the L3 and L5 vertebrae (picture 4) and posterolateral instrumentation from L2 to S1 (picture 5).

Picture 3. Complete decompression of the neural elements
Picture 4. Kyphoplasty
Picture 5. Posterolateral fusion

Six (6) months following surgery, the patient was able to walk without any assistance. He was only complaining of an occasional mild upper back pain.

Panagiotis I. Kyriakongonas was born in Athens in 1973. After graduating from the Lycee Leonin Patissia, he entered the Military School of Corps Officers and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 1992.